How To Install Popcorn Time for Windows PC?

Popcorn Time for Windows PC: Popcorn Time App is used to watch latest Movies and TV-Series. The collection of movies that you see in this App is so vast that you cannot find all those in any other app like Popcorn Time. If you are regular movie watcher, then you must have Popcorn Time on your device. Once you have it, you won’t leave it. Popcorn Time initial release is only for Android device. Later as per user request, developers of Popcorn Time released a beta version for Windows PC. Now, there is the latest version of Popcorn Time for Windows PC is released. And you can start installing it on your Windows PC.

Get Popcorn Time for Windows

This app doesn’t have a web version to watch videos. Because of some privacy issues, they removed the web version of Popcorn Time. So you can’t videos watch videos in the internet browser on Windows PC.  That is the reason, to have to download and install the Popcorn Time App on your Windows PC. You don’t have to waste a penny to download and install Popcorn Time on your PC. Once it is installed on your Windows PC, you can start watching your favorite movies without any interception. You can also Stream Popcorn Time videos from your Windows PC to TV.

Install Popcorn Time for Windows PC

How to Install Popcorn Time for PC?

To install the latest version of Popcorn Time for PC from the official page:

  1. Open the official website of Popcorn Time using an internet browser on your Windows PC.
  2. Once you open the page, you can see a download option with Windows logo, i.e., is exclusive for Windows PC.
  3. Click on the ‘Download Popcorn Time’ to download the latest installation file of Popcorn Time to your PC.
  4. Once the popcorntime.exe file is downloaded, go to Downloads folder on your PC and find the downloaded Popcorn Time file.
  5. Double click on file and select Run to start the installation process.
  6. Click ‘Next’ and select ‘I Agree’ to accept the Terms & Conditions of Popcorn Time to have it on your Windows PC.
  7. Now, select ‘Install’ option to install Popcorn Time for Windows PC.

Boom! Open the Popcorn Time App on your Windows PC and start watching your favorite videos.

To install Popcorn Time for Windows PC directly from our blog:

Installing Popcorn Time app for your PC from here is so easy that you can skip first three steps from the above installation process.

  • Download the installation file.

Click on the above link to start downloading the installation file of Popcorn Time for Windows PC. Once the download is over, you can follow the same steps, i.e., from Step 4 till the end to complete the installation process of Popcorn Time on Windows PC. Though the above installation file may not be the latest version, you can update to latest version of Popcorn Time once the installation is completed.

Using Popcorn Time is absolutely free, and all you need to have is a good internet connection. Though if you don’t have fair access to the internet, you can skip to a different quality to watch the video without having an interruption. Popcorn Time for Windows PC is used by many users all around the world and got a full of positive reviews. Irrespective of this, because of some privacy issues, Popcorn Time recommends you to turn on your VPN service to avoid further problems. But it is totally up to you to have a VPN or not while watch your favorite Movie or TV-Series using Popcorn Time. If you have any question in installing the Popcorn Time please do comment below. I’m so glad to answer you.

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