Using Popcorn Time APK On Your Android Phone

Popcorn Time APK on your Android Phone: To use any app to its ultimatum, one must know all the options that are hidden in that particular app. In the same way, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Popcorn Time APK, you need to know how to use it. Popcorn Time app consists of many options, and you much know each one of it. Though the navigate of Popcorn Time APK is very easy to access, many technical aspects are involved in using this app to its core. Right from selecting your favorite movie or TV show, till you complete watching it there are multiple features that you use.

Popcorn Time APK Download

Using these features, sure you will enjoy watching videos in Popcorn Time APK on your Android phone. I need to mention this; these are the features that make Popcorn Time app very different from many other premium apps. And using these features on Popcorn Time APK  during the time of watching a video is very easy. And the features that you feel like impressive starts right from the time to start using the Popcorn Time app. Now after a hell lot of time I spent in using Popcorn Time APK to watch videos, I just want to make share this information with you. So that, you can enjoy watching your favorite video without any interruptions. With Popcorn Time APK, we can watch stream videos to your TV. Know How To Stream Videos from Popcorn Time using Chromecast.

How To Use Popcorn Time APK?

Frankly, I don’t know where to start with to explain how to use Popcorn Time app because of its multiple features. But I tried my best to explain every possible feature of Popcorn Time APK on your Android Phone. Though it may not be in order, I’m sure that you will come to know all the features of Popcorn Time app. Now you can find out how to use Popcorn Time APK on you Android smartphone.

Popcorn Time Home Page: Before you explain the feature, let give you a brief intro of Popcorn Time app The time you the Popcorn Time APK on your Android phone, you can see a huge list of movies and TV shows with their respective poster. On the top left corner of the homepage, you can see the Menu button with three horizontal lines. And on the other side, that is the right corner, there is a share button to share Popcorn Time APK app with your friends. Just next to the share button, you can see search option, where you can start searching your favorite movie or a TV show that you missed during the time of its telecasting.

Menu Bar: By tapping on the Menu Bar you can see a list of many options as shown in below screenshot.

Popcorn Time APK Homescreen

Let me explain you each option here under the Menu Bar.

  • Movies: By default, Movies option is selected, and on the home screen of Popcorn Time APK you see only the list of films. In short to explain, in whichever the category like TV shows or Anime, by just giving a tap on Popcorn Time APK you can see only the movies.
  • TV Shows: Just a tap on TV Shows and you see a huge collection of TV shows. You can select whichever the TV series you wish to watch.
  • Anime: If you are an anime lover then this is for you. Popcorn Time app has a vast collection of anime series. And sure you can find not only your favorite anime show but also many other too.
  • Favorites: For every video, there is an option to make it on your favorite list. No matter how many or whichever the video you made as your favorite, they all are listed at the Favorites option.
  • Genre: Depending upon which kind of genre you wish to watch whether it is Action, Comedy or any other, you can see that genre videos only.
  • Sort By: Here you sort Movies or TV shows or Anime depending upon its Popularity or Date added or Year.
  • Downloads: For every video, there is a download option. If you download a video using Popcorn Time APK to your Android phone, then those downloaded videos will be shown here at the Downloads option.
  • VPN: In some countries, there would be a problem with piracy in watching the video. To skip that kind of problems, VPN is very much required. And if you want to buy VPN, you can buy it here in Popcorn Time APK and can create a VPN account to change auto proxy.
  • Settings: Here under the Settings option, you change the interface language, theme of the Popcorn Time app. Also, change some default options related to the video like default subtitle and audio language, font size and color, download speed and you can see any many other eminent options.

Features of Popcorn Time APK

For every single video that you see in Popcorn Time APK, there are some default features that you need to know to use Popcorn Time app.

  • Adding video to your Favorites list: You can see a heart symbol for every video. By tapping on it, it will turn red, which means it is added to your Favorites list.
  • Trailer: You want to watch the trailer of that particular movie or TV show then you can tap on Trailer to watch the trailer on Popcorn Time APK.
  • Subtitles: By just tapping on any of your favorite movie or TV show, you can see English which is the default subtitle. If you want to change the subtitle, you can change it here.
  • Video Quality Selection: Just under subtitle selection, you can see an option where you modify the quality of a video. By clicking on it, you change the quality of the video depending upon your internet speed.

Watch It Now: This is the option that will allow you to watch your favorite video on Popcorn Time APK. By tapping on Watch It Now, a pop-up appears asking you to Turn On VPN or Cancel it. It is entirely your choice to turn VPN on or cancel it. If you have a subscribed VPN account, then you can turn on VPN. If not, then I suggest you cancel it. Now, wait for some time, until a buffer as shown in below screenshot gets completed 100%. Once it’s done, you can watch your favorite TV show or movie without any streaming.

how to download popcorn time apk

During the time of watching the video, you can change the audio language (If available) for that particular video. Also, you can forward or backward the video at any time while you are watching the video just by sliding your finger back and forth. You can change the video ratio on Popcorn Time APK  on your Android Phone for the best fit to your mobile screen.

I hope with these you came to know about many features that are available on Popcorn Time APK on your Android Phone. And I keep my best in writing this article to explain every possible option those can be found on Popcorn Time app. With this, I think you come to know how to use Popcorn Time APK on your Android phone. If you have any difficulties in using Popcorn Time app or suggestions for me, please do comment below.

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