Why Popcorn Time APK on Your Smartphone?

Popcorn Time APK on your Phone: Just like me many of you who are reading this article are tired of paying bills to watch your favorite program. Also, you may not have a full stretch time to watch a movie in a theater. I cannot be able to sit in a theater with no light for 2 hours which makes my eyes feel stressful. But my interest in watching newly released movies didn’t let stopped me going to the movie theater. Then I began searching on the internet to find if there is any website or an app to watch movies on my smartphone.

Why Popcorn Time APK

To my surprise, I found many websites and apps that meet my expectations. Not only Hollywood movies and American TV shows, but some sites bring world cinema to your fingertips. But something is missing in very website and app, like if I have one I missed another. At least I found an app that filled all my needs, and that is Popcorn Time APK. In brief, Popcorn Time APK is a mobile application that you can use it by installing it on your smartphone. Having the APK of Popcorn Time app on your phone is like having a mini theater on your pocket. If you know that benefits of it, you will love to have it on your phone.

Why Having Popcorn Time APK?

Though there are multiple reasons to have Popcorn Time APK on your device, I’m going to give you the top 5 reasons to have Popcorn Time APK on your phone. Now let’s see one by one.

1. All You Can Watch For Free: Firstly Popcorn time APK is a free to download kind of app. Many top rated apps charge for signup and some charge on a monthly subscription basis. And some general charge for a specific movie or TV show. But here in Popcorn Time APK, you don’t want to pay a penny at any stage in using the app. As I forget to mention earlier, this app is not only to watch movies, but you can also find your favorite TV shows. And remember all this is absolutely for free. I hope this one reason is enough to have Popcorn Time APK on your phone.

2. Stream Videos From Low To HD Quality: This is one of the great options that I found in Popcorn Time APK. The so called top rated paid apps also don’t have this option. And this option of selecting video quality makes a huge difference. Let’s think you subscribed a particular paid app and didn’t have a good speed of the internet. Now, what’s the point of having a subscription, since that paid app delivers only a single video quality, and you can’t stream it because of the slow internet speed?

Solution to that, Popcorn Time APK offers multiple video qualities right from very low quality to HD video quality. With this option, you can watch your favorite video without any buffering. As many of you may be using limited plans, you can save loads of data by selecting the video quality. And if you connect your phone to a wifi connection, then you go with high-quality HD print to watch the video in Popcorn Time APK.

3. Multiple Language Subtitles: No other app provides this option, whether it is paid or not. If the language in the video is other than English than some apps, provide subtitles for that particular video only. But here in this Popcorn Time APK, you can find subtitles not only in English also many other local languages. You can change the color of the subtitle as per your need. Most importantly, you can upload your language subtitle also for your favorite TV show or movie to watch just by selecting a .srt file from your phone.

4. Download Your Favorite Video: Popcorn Time APK is not just for watching videos online, but you can also download the video directly to your phone. And you totally download it for free. You don’t need to spend a penny for this. Once it is downloaded to you can watch the video multiple times with using the internet too. You can download your favorite movie at your needed quality. You can share the downloaded video file with friends and surprise them. This feature is not at all available in any of the paid apps no matter how much you paid for it.

5. Ad-Free: Though many apps offer premium videos for free, you need to watch the ads at first middle later and in whichever the point of the video, which makes your favorite TV show or movie so irritative to watch. Keeping a period to those kind apps or websites, Popcorn Time APK is an ad free app that you won’t find any ad at any time while you are watching your favorite video on Popcorn Time APK.

As I said initially, beyond are many other benefits that keep Popcorn Time APK at high from many other pro apps. I keep the top 5 reasons to have Popcorn Time APK on your phone. Now what are waiting for? Just Download Popcorn Time APK. Let me know other great advantages that you feel in having Popcorn time APK on your phone by commenting below.

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